Minor cleaning tasks can also be done by someone who cannot see or who can see only very little. Whoever can systematically move the cleaning cloth, the broom or the vacuum cleaner over the dirty surface will be able to clean it.

Laundry care

Clothes (marked beforehand) can be sorted by colour and washing temperature so as to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Try out before buying your machines which models can be operated without using your sight. Tactile markers on the switches often help with finding and setting the right washing or drying cycle. You can even learn how to iron your clothes, if you want to.


With a few tricks you can learn how to insert a thread and sew on a button or join a seam. You can even learn how to use a sewing machine.

Repairs and maintenance

A loose screw has to be tightened, a feld glider has to be put onto the leg of an chair, a nail has to be hammered... You do not necessarily have ask for help in such a case. It is possible to clean the filters of the dish washer or replace the batteries of a remote control. We will find a way for you to do this kind of jobs on your own.