At what distance from the table should I sit on the chair?
How is the chair positioned at the table?
What should I do with my legs, my back and my arms?

Orientation at the table

What is on the table?
Where are the objects that I need?
How should I look for them?


How can I pour a drink myself?
How can I take a slice of sausage or cheese from the serving plate?
How can I scoop soup or sauce onto my plate?
How can I serve myself pasta, rice and vegetables?

Dining Techniques

How do I find my way around my plate?
Can greater contrasts (possibly a dark plate) or an additional light above the dining table help me as a visually impaired person?
How can I cut bite-sized pieces of meat?
How can I spoon out soup without spilling?
How can I get scrambled eggs or mashed potatoes onto my fork?
How can I eat a piece of cake in a clean, safe way?
How should I behave in a restaurant?